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Our Farm

The Resort La Casa sul Poggio is part of a farm whose main activities are the cultivation of fruits and vegetables (following the methods and criteria of biological horticulture) and the breeding of Golden Retriever dogs. Moreover, our five cows, living in Pareto, produce every day fresh milk that we use for making the typical Santo Stefano traditional cheese, ricotta and ‘sarasso’. We also sell raw milk in a automatic dispenser in the village: every morning you can find fresh milk!
Our products (vegetables, fruits, berries) are used to prepare jellies and conserves (you can taste them at breakfast!) which can be bought or be ordered fresh for your lunch and dinner. We breed our Golden Retriever dogs inside our property, where we have built for them sheltered boxes and open air enclosures. Your dog can use an enclosure dedicated to our guest and our agility dog field. Moreover we can help you and your pet with training courses for behaviour and obedience or with counseling about his health and well-being.

Golden Retriever Breeding

You can visit the Golden Retriever Kennel website at this link.

If you come with your dog, you can try Maddalena’s lessons for behaviour and obedience: often two or three lessons of half an hour can definitely change the relation dog-owner.


Guest Card


Tips for a happy stay at La Casa sul Poggio

For your comfort:
Please report any malfunctioning of systems and appliances, light bulbs to be replaced, etc. and give us your suggestions to improve the quality of our reception.
In case of necessity the telephone on the ground floor can be used for emergency calls and local calls: our number is 018588018 or 3476959716 and 3471406515.
The linen is replaced once a week, if necessary, and even the cleaning of the apartments is provided once a week: if necessary it is possible to arrange a more frequent service.
The kitchenette is equipped with pots and pans, but you can request additional equipment; we do not provide food and / or drinks except for our production.
Use of the washing machine (once a week for each accommodation) is free, at agreed times and days.
Breakfast is served in the dining room or in the garden from 8 to 10 am: please let us know about food allergies or intolerances: we will offer you a personalized breakfast.
NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE HOUSE. You will find ashtrays on the terraces and in the garden.
The garbage bags must be deposited in the appropriate bins along Via Costigliola, except paper, plastic and glass that must be deposited in the appropriate containers inside the house.

For your safety and tranquility:
The French doors to the Casa sul Poggio are locked in the evening: it is obviously possible to open them at any time to access the garden but it is necessary to close them again when you return.
The wooden antoni of the windows of your apartment must always be fixed, both open and closed, otherwise they will beat noisily with the wind.
In the key ring that we have delivered there is, in addition to the key of the room, also that of the entrance door: the loss of
key ring carries a charge of 60 euros.
We also ask you to always close the parking gate and park the car so that the other cars present can maneuver to exit.

Free wifi and no password is available, the network is called
lacasasulpoggio on the second floor
lacasasulpoggio2 on the first floor
lacasasulpoggio3 on the ground floor

Your pets are welcome at the Casa sul Poggio, but you must take into account both the well-being of other guests and the presence of other animals. So please always keep dogs on a leash, both at home and in the garden, and not to take them to the pool area, which is reserved for human guests. Access to the breakfast room is allowed only if it does not bother guests and is not recommended for puppies.
The garden should not be used for the needs of your dogs, which you are asked to accompany out.
If you want to leave them for a few hours, an enclosure for visiting dogs is available. Remember to leave a bowl of water and check that there are no other dogs already.
Cats and other animals must remain in your apartment.
The lessons for dogs (obedience, agility, etc.) are paid and must be planned with Maddalena (3471406515).
The agility field is available to guests who are already able to have their dogs perform their exercises.

Didactic Farm Activities:
The activities of the Didactic Farm include milking, the preparation of Santo Stefano cheese and ricotta, the care of the organic garden, the pastry lessons, the visit to the Golden Retrievers breeding.
All are free for guests of the Casa sul Poggio and must be arranged and scheduled.
Any external guests can participate by paying the relevant rate.

The pool:
Access to the pool and the immediate surrounding area is reserved EXCLUSIVELY to the guests of the house on the Poggio: according to recent regulations we can not admit external guests even for a fee.
Children up to twelve must always be accompanied by an adult.
It is MANDATORY to use the headset, you can not use the towels supplied to your apartment.
It is absolutely PROHIBITED to move or maneuver the mobile cover.
Please do not enter the salon or the entrance with wet shoes.

Thanks for your cooperation and happy stay!

Download pdf with the recipes most appreciated by our guests!

Our Products

From our Kitchen Garden

(biologically grown):
Many kinds of vegetables
(tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, peas, eggplants, beans, cabbages, brussel sprouts, broccoli, pumpkins, potatoes etc….)
Berries (blackberries, raspberries, bilberries, redcurrants)
Chestnuts (fresh or flour)

From our milk cows

Fresh milk
Local seasoned cheese
Fresh ricotta

and more

Fruit jams
Mushrooms in olive oil
Sweet and salted pies


Via Costigliola, 8 - 16049 Santo Stefano d'Aveto

(Genova) ITALY
Phone: +39 0185 88018
Mobile Elisabetta: +39 347 6959716
Mobile Maddalena: +39 347 1406515

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Via Costigliola, 8 - 16049 Santo Stefano d'Aveto (Genova) ITALY
Phone: +39 0185 88018
Mobile Elisabetta: +39 347 6959716
Mobile Maddalena: +39 347 1406515